A small tatami history

Shaolin-wushuThe traditional Japanese tatami mats were made of rice straw, which was already mentioned by VIII. centuries records.

The tatami were originally a luxury item for the nobility, and were only used as seating on the floor of wooden rooms.

From the XI. century it became popular among the samurai and priests as well, at that time all the rooms of the houses were covered by tatami as the sign of wealth.


Everyday physical education in school

„Make appropriate steps in order to that schools’ sport facilities and physical education can be available for all students considering the needs of the handicapped students as well. It has been suggested that subsidies should be provided for broad scale of sports so that every pupil would have a real possibility to participate in different kinds sports.” statement of the European Parliament


The Tatami-Sport Ltd. would like to be a dedicated supporter of this process by providing all possible professional assistance  and help. We have been already supplied many succesfull tenders of schools and associations and we trust that the number of these  would increase in the future.

Quality improvement of tatamies

karate_slideWho recalls the solutions with horsehair, with cloth or any other methods of „traditional” stuffing that can only appreciate this extraordinary technological development which has taken place improving tatmies used for different martial arts until these days. These sports are told to be traditional but the main secret of their survival lies in the capability of adaptation to changes of ages and societies during centuries. Therefore the application of technical achievements does not mean denial of the past just the opposite it helps the development and survival.


Tatami Studio Card


The replacement of used yoga- and fitness mats is a constant problem and its expense is more and more difficult to have it returned. But the pure quality accessories could cause more damage to your reputation so the postponement of their replacement is not a good solution.