ProGame Multisport Gym MMA Tatami 1000x1000x35 mm

€30.67 (€24.15 + tax)

– Usage: 3,5 cm thickness, a reversible double side colour solution, ideal for MMA practice and Grappling disciplines. The ProGame Gym tatami is the recommended solution for people who needs a professional product made to resist and offering an ideal surface on which practicing these extreme combat experiences!
– Thickness: 35mm; Dimensions: 1000x1000mm
– Colours: red/grey/black reversible
– Weight: 2.1 kg
– Density: 100kg/m3 on the external layers; 50 kg/m3 on the internal layers
– Surface: rice straw embossing
– Safety: tested referring to the European Norm EN 1177 (Head Injury Criteria HIC 130cm Trocellen test)
– Warranty: 2 years referring to the Trocellen sales conditions
– Accessories: one frame per each mat included in the package

Data sheet

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