ProGame Multisport Induction IJF Educational Tatami 1000x1000x40/50 mm

€31.55 (€24.84 + ÁFA)


– Usage: Developed for t he specific training and adaptable to the practice of various martial arts.
– Thickness: 40mm or 50 mm; Dimensions: 1000x1000mm
– Colours: green/red reve rsible;
other colours are available upon request and if they respect minimum order quantity
– Weight: 2,7 kg on the 4 0mm or 3.05 kg on the 50mm
– Density: 100kg/m3 on the external layers (10mm thickness) and 35 kg/m3 on the internal layers
(20 or 30mm thickness).
– Surface: rice straw emb ossing
– Safety: tested on the Eu ropean Norm EN 1177 (Head Injury Criteria – HIC test)
– Fire classification: Euro class Dfl
– Accessories: spare fram e pieces included with mats;
10 cm large corners & frames available upon request

Data sheet


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